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The Dynamic Life through the Symmetry Perspective

To see more photos of heroes in Sasha’s symmetrical world, follow sashalevin on Instagram.

Moscow Instagrammer Sasha Levin (@sashalevin) is always on the lookout for heroes in the landscapes and spaces around him. What turns an ordinary person into a hero? For Sasha, the answer is unexpected: symmetry. “The symmetry of a shot is an empty canvas for my creativity—I try to highlight a perfect symmetrical angle through the people in the composition,” he explains. “My eyes always spot people in the background. It‘s allowed me to show dynamic life in a static frame.” Sasha’s photography focuses on the intimate relationship between people and the space they occupy. “If somebody were ask me, ‘Where is beauty in the world?’” he explains, “I would answer that it is in symmetry.”

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Lunch with my grandma at sabindo

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